Our weekend was full of food and culture :)! We were at the cinema and theatre and at home we watched The Weeds serie (hate the addiction on series :D).. Yesterday we were making SUSHI (some vegetarian with cucumber and some with smoked fish) and GIMBAP - korean sushi (with cucumber, ham and egg omelette) - for the first time :)! It was quite fun and also tasty, but I'm not sure about the taste of nori because of its fishy odour..
And as a desert we had some korean fruit looks like half apple half pear (the right one on the pic).. I don't remember how it names, but i have to find out, because the taste of it was
a little bit weird, but cool :)) and I want to try it again..
So look and tell me, what do you think ... .)
And how was your weekend .)?

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  1. I have been meaning to try making my own sushi for a little while, you make it look so easy!! Love it!

  2. It is easy - you need only nori, sushi rice (for sushi rice vinegar, for gibap sesame oil) and some filling acording your choice :) - just try it, Renee :)!
    Have a nice day, Dennie :)


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