..out first cupcakes ever..
..they're chocolate and the glazing is a praline buttercream..
..maybe they don't look very well, but they WERE (haha) soooo tasty!..
..so,what do you mean about them :D?..

..and sorry for no more posts.. I have to study a lot at this time and it's sooo annoying.. now I'm sitting here above the Old Church Slavonic.. sounds "nice", hm?! (wish me luck for this exam, which is on Wednesday.. and I still know nothing about it :D!)
..but there's also a couple of nice things - yesterday arrived my new musg and bowls with deers (they're really lovely!) and tomorrow should arrive moleskine notebooks, yipee!..

Have a nice evening,

4 komentáře:

  1. Those look so delicious! I'm so hungry for cupcakes with lots of frosting now. :P

  2. sorry ^^

    and they really were ;))!

  3. mean about ne-e, radši think about. koláčky vypadaj dobře, ale to na nich už není tak super, to asi ta barva :D
    chodíš na bohemistiku?

  4. Dana: mean mi přijde vpoho .) rozsekl by nás leda rodilý mluvčí .)
    jj, Český jazyk a literatura.. a baví mě to čím dál tím míň..


thanks a lot for your time and lovely words, I really appreciate it ♥