my december.

..this month was all in the x-mas atmosphere of couse .) ...

..it started with a christmas market at out village.. there were lots of lovely and tasty things .)) and I buy there this cute little panda sharpener..

..then, of course, baking was the most important thing to do this month :)!.. here are photos of baking with Zdeňka, which I've wtitten before about.. and also that great taste vietnamese coffee!..

..I got lovely panda DIY bag from my schoolmate Venda..

..my boyfriend heavily fell in love with the MOMOFUKU cook books, so we had lots of asian food this month.. (I'll post more photos and info about that food later)

.. but he also cooked for me a french cusine such as this dish - Chicken with Port wine and mushrooms by Julia Child..

..I create things as every month .))!..

..this is my gradparents' x-mas tree .)).. more phoos of x-mas also later, the roll of film with them is still in my camera..

..and finally - the New Years Eve!.. this years food theme was "home-madefast food"! so here is our delicious cheeseburger consists of breadroll with pork-beef patty, chedar, little gem, cherry tomatoes and Heinz ketchup, V. had there also jalapenos and tabasco.. yeah, he really likes spicy food.. and I made homemade french fries too! and what we drink durink the evening? Jack Daniels with Coca Cola.. yum .)!..

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I hope you all had lovely December full of baking and x-mas atmosphere too and properly celebrated the New Years Eve :)!
So I wish you all happy and succesfull year 2011 and want to thank our for reading and watching my blog! Every comment makes me so happy :)!

...And, please, come to see my blog also in the new year .)...

Your Dennie .)

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  1. "I'll post more photos and info about that food later"
    improve this please to "I'll post more food here later" I'm too hungry D and I definitely want to try something from V cookbook... :)

    ps: very nice note muf:)

  2. poor little Chik .)) nikdo ti neuvaří .))?
    and what note :P? and what muf :D?


thanks a lot for your time and lovely words, I really appreciate it ♥