beautiful book.

I found this beautiful book at my grandma's library. it's about a chinese princess, so quite exotic topic for people from the Central Europe and it's for children, but it doesn't lose a magic for adults anyway.. maybe that's why I like it! ..and definitely because those beautiful illustratios by Jaroslav Šerých..
and here are some :).. hope you'll like it! and sorry fot those red demage, which is caused by my unhandiness at the work with the roll fo the film..


creative day.

..today I was creating things all day! I call these days "my days".. It means, that I have all day for myself and things, which I really like to do.. and U know, one of my favourite things to do is (besides reading, watchich pics and movies and baking) creating things .)! today I was painting! no canvas, but wooden "bricks", which my grandpa made for me ! I used acrylic paints and made two cute pendants and two clothes-pegs with pandas and a small gift for my boyfriend - a pendant with cthulhu - the "cute" green monster created by H. P. Lovecraft.. this one is really cute, because it's a baby cthulhu :).. we fell in love with that little cute and evil creature .).. and yeah, he loves this pendant .).. so my next creative plan is to make a plushy baby cthulhu!

..čeští milovníci pandiček mají možnost si tyhle miloučké věcičky koupit v mém flérovém obchodu :)..

love it! .))

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a x-mas present from myself to myself.

..I gave to myself two of Murakami's books (in english), which haven't been translated into the Czech language.. - The Elephant Wanishes and Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman. Love their covers!
I hope I handle to read it also in english! (I have to, because I want to have read all his literary work!!!)
And I really look forward to next year 2011, because the publisher of Murakami's books in Czech language promised two new translated books .)!..

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presents wrapping.

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..some of the presents for my boyfriend (those cook books by Julia Child) and my friends..

Have a nice time with your dearests!


x-mas baking.

..some of the promised photos from the last week baking with my grandma :)..
(love her old enamelled weighing-machine!)

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quite busy at these days!

I'm quite busy at this x-mas time and I quite like it! I mean the feeling, when you're desired by your friends and family is really nice :)! Yesterday I spend some time with my friend and good coffee at some lovely café, we changed x-mas presents - in fact the books from the same publisher (our favourite Odeon) .)) and then I was with my friends-PhD students.. there were lots of wine, x-mas sweets, chips etc., U know .) .. and today I baked other sweets with one of those friends - Zdeňka. She shown me their flat, we were baking, his lovely boyfriend made a vietnamese coffee for us (delicious!) and I made an italian risotto for the lunch. Both of us enjoyed this morning, I hope :)! I had also a meeting with my father and my neighbour today. I got other presents - some cosmetic and a lovely mug with teddies by Nici. And in the evening, we were at my grandma to pick up the x-mas sweets.
I speak so much today, don't I :D? So, time for some pics :))! Here are photos of the "before x-mas present" for Zdeňka, which I made and wraped up by myself and I'm really proud of it! Those Moomins' pics are made by a stamp, which I made with the lino technique, and please, pay attention on that embroidery :D!

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Now I'm finally going to bed, beacuse tomorrow, excepting we're going to visit my another grandma, I expect a lovely visit - my exschoolmate and great girl in one person, Maruška, come to me. We'll have some tea and lots of sweets! I'm so excited about it .))!
..Good night you all .)!..


oh, dear! / deer.

..my new lovely vintage necklace..

..maybe you think "what a kitsch", but I have to append: "what a sophisticated kitsch"! .))

just love it!

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hooray, holidays are here also for ME :)! yesterday's test from the czech literature was the last one in this year and Christmas comming! today I was baking x-mas sweets with my grandma all day, so much fun! of course I made lots of pics of it, so you can look forward to it :) .. and tomorrow I'll have to clean my room little bit and then I'm going to relax .).. maybe I'll finally create a new art doll, which I plan for a long time..
..I also picked up a new film roll from the lab, so there are some pics of the x-mas/winter atmosphere at our house .) ...

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old handicrafts magazines.

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My mom found some retro handicrafts magazines from 80th, I think :)!
.. those fonts and cute drawings.. such fun!

And I definitely love that deer on the first pic, I have to try to make a cross-stitch with it!


time for..

..a new diary! .)

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this beutiful one (by paper blanks - they make so pretty things!) I got from my boyfriend.. ..what a lucky girl I am ;)!


my november.

Hey, U :).. there's some new photos from my life .)!

..our last tea at the river of this year...

..the All Souls' Day..

..I bought really lots of new things this month and visited so much shopping centers, that I began hate it :D (for the other side I have almost all christmas presents :P)..
..that teeth brush is quite scary for me, beacuse I don't like pink colour, but why not, uhm? if November is the month of the spirits, muhehe :D.. but other things make me happy, I needed new warm blanket and this one is white-green with floral pattern, so what could I wish more?! and those winter pillow with the roes? I just had to have it :D! .. I was also happy for the new book "Po otřesech" (in english After the quakes) by Haruki Murakami, which was finally translated into the czech language. .. And the elk mold for the sweets is just cute :)! I look forward to make the christmas sweets with it :)!..

..I was given a moka pot, the italian "coffee-maker", from my boyfriend and yeah, from that day I've been dependent on good-quality coffee.. and till now I've tried about 5 types of coffee from different countries in the world and I really don't want to stop .)).. more pics later!..

..I created things .).. (kdyby měl někdo zájem o náhrdelník, je na prodej .) - náhrdelník

..gloomy urban landscape..

..I lent lots of book from the library for my thesis from the Czech Literature.. it should be an analysis of one concrete book by the czech writer Markéta Pilátová, and this book is about finding a home and roots and also about the exiled life and love and about so many other thing; and the story takes place partly in the Czech Republic and partly in Brazil, so I have to make a research about Hispanic literature and life and it's quite interesting, I think. But still, wish me luck .)!..

..a cute small present from my schoolmate..

..some of my brekfasts..

..and the "Coq au vin", which we cooked from my grandparents' hen :D..

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