retro girl..

..I found this lovely photo somewhere on the web and tried to make a drawing acording to it.. dunno who is author of the photo, so if U know, just tell me .) ..
.. love her outfit ♥ ..

so, nice Aleyn already told me :)! thanks!
photo is by Nicholas Lawn http://nicholaslawn.com/

photo Copyright © Nicholase Lawn, drawing Copyright ©2011 Denisa Tkacikova. All rights reserved.


..the unpacking..

..so much beauty in this packet from lovely Makča, which arrived todays morning ..
those broches are just magic, love them so much! and the one with little bird and that bracelet are free gifts from her, can you believe it? just for my happiness !
and that small card with sweet words only for ME..

All photos Copyright ©2011 Denisa Tkacikova. and all ideas of things ©2011 www.fler.cz/makca
All rights reserved.


..other new things for my fler.cz shop..

I'm sooo productive in these days, haha :D.. I carry on with the work with paper - I recycle packets of products - this is how I creted that small box "for treasures" and that pencils stand :) and I also made some polymer clay (fimo) stuff with pandas... I'm really enjoy it right now.. I mean the process of creating stuffs, but also care of my fler profile, chating with people there and watching other peoples hand made things.. and their words of praise for my panda-things make me so happy too :)! even that panda ring and small retro mirror are already sold *aww*... thanks, people!