..and that's it, exam term is here.. how I hate it :D! on Monday we write a test from Czech Literature and I have to handle it, because if I don't, I won't be allowed to make an oral exam.. so wish me luck.. and between the reading an writing and trying to get something to my head I eat some sweets, it helps a little - here's the hazel-nut pudding with chocolate biscuits - flowers and making origami birds as a form of the rest also make me feet better and of course buying new things also helps :D - new handbag (fits to my vintage shoes!) from the sales at New Yorker and lovely Baťa shoes :)!


little bonne maman.

.. ♥ these cute little jars of bonne maman jams!..

do U also like it :)? what's your favourite flavour? this one was some mix of currants and rapsberries, but my favourite is strawberry or fig :) (of course the big packages of it :D) !


it grows!



...pea and rhubarb (outside)...

... kohlrabis ...

... patizons ...

... ♥ ...

... AND some special pics for Tom Dvořák - compost! ...

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our weekend was full of cooking and baking, as always.. .))
..this is our first italian bread - focaccia! (according to the cook book by Marcella Hazan) and it was delicious (and really greasy :D)! such the bakers we are :D!
(you have to throw the dought against the desk for a few times ... such fun :))!)..

we also made a pea soup for the first time (according to the Zdeněk Pohlreich's cook book - je tam přímo i recept, kdybyste si to sami chtěli vyzkoušet .)) and steaks from the sirloin and it wasn't bad at all :)... what do U think? does it look delicious .)?

All photos Copyright ©2011 Denisa Tkacikova. All rights reserved.


happy easter!

easter is here! I don't really celebrate this holiday, but I like some activities connected with it such as growing the grass or baking the "lamb cakes" :)..
happy easter, people! :)

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panda t-shirt!

..on Monday a lovely white package from the far far Singapore landed in the mail! and there was this cute panda t-shirt for V. :)! it is smaller than it had to be, but it fits him torelably .)..


grandma's birthday.

..my grandma had a birthday few days ago.. I gave her these lovely small tools for her garden and natural glycerin soap by Manufaktura (U can switch that webpage into english on the left top), czech natural handmade cosmetic..

..and when I was at that lovely shop full of nice smell, I just could'nt resist, so I bought also something for myself! look at this cute bar of soap with a green tea aroma and if U see that packet, you just have to love it! so I do even if I don't use "normal" soaps (but shower gels).. I have it at my wardrobe between my t-shirts, they smells so nicely then ♥..

All photos Copyright ©2011 Denisa Tkacikova. All rights reserved.