V. had a name-day few days ago and I gave him this cute little notebook with hk ♥ to use it for his notes at work :))... I'm really wondering what will his colleges say to it :D..


bed of roses.

my new lovely romantic sheeting ♥.


Hi there :)!
..my blogspot striked a little bit, so I could'nt post what I wanted and there's so much thing I can tell you and show you now .))!..
..so here's one of the cutest things of them:
my new plushy PANDA I got from V. ! ..
..we went to the toyshop because of V.'s hello kitty mug (which we didn't find there) and there SHE was (!), it was the love at first sight ;)), because she's the CUTEST PANDA EVER!
she's made by NICI and they have a whole collection with this cute little one, so you know, I could'nt rezist and buy also a wallet with she .)!


american food.

This weekend we decide to cook some (anglo)american food, so I baked homemade hamburger buns (we filled it with beef, english mature chedar cheese, ketchup, tomatoes and iceberg lettuce) and I also baked the brownies (Maple syrup glazed pistachio brownies according to the M&S Easy baking cook book, I've already written about it before) and V. made for me oolong ice tea, yummy :)!

So now I can bake bread, baguettes and also buns, yipee! :))

(we also tried to put some of the brownie dough into the ramekin and add some fresh strawberries... didn't the result look delicious? ;))

All photos Copyright ©2011 Denisa Tkacikova. All rights reserved.
(all photos take with mobile, sorry for the quality)


lovely packet from Ally!

this lovely packet full of softness and love just landed to my email today ♥!
thank U so much for the beautiful kitty necklace, lovely words, sweet wafle (yummy .)) and the softest feather ever, Ally ♥
and also wish U lots of power for your new job, I'll thinks of you!
(Ally is an animator and illustrator and at first my web friend and she creates beautiful things, just like that ones, which sent me, and U can see her things here)



gardening etc.

this week I was gardening with my grandma, we finally replanted my herbs from her glasshouse to our garden :), I also weeded out my garlic and our raspberries and strawberries goes on really well :)! so here are some photos :)...

1. herbs at grandma's glasshouse...

2. and now at our garden

3. from grandma's glasshouse and also from her yard becomes a jungle :D!

4. some fresh radishes ♥



I have to study for my oral exams in these days, so I'm trying to do easier to myself, so again, pretty things helps me :)..
..yeah, hello kitty IS a little bit childish, I know, but it's so cute :D, can't help myself ;)!..
..and here it is - writing with hello kitty colorful ballpoint and eating hello kitty vanilla yoghurt :D..
(there was a little figure of hello kitty inside as a surprise! but I think I'll give it to my b-friend, because he thinks hello kitty is adorable, but in the way of Japanese's perversity :D)

All photos Copyright ©2011 Denisa Tkacikova. All rights reserved.


ikea food.

Last time I was at IKEA, I wanted to try some of their food, so I bougt the bio pasta shaped like elks (because it looked so cute!).
I cooked it with olive oil, oregano and pecorino cheese and it was quite delicious.

And I also bought these bisquits and they were tasty, but they adhered to my tooth :D..

(hope U like my lovely floral plates after my grandma :)!)

All photos Copyright ©2011 Denisa Tkacikova. All rights reserved.


food of this weekend.

..our weekend was full of good food again!..

..a second attempt at italian bread foccacia - less oil, more fresh oregano - and it was delicious!..

..stewed chicken on white wine and rosemarry + stewed finnochio (fennel) + focaccia and as a dessert chocolate cake with dry brandy plumps ..

..and here is our ordered asian dinner from lotos restaurant - Zha Guo-Tie (Pork Dumplings with Cabbage, touch of Curry and Garlic Vinegar sauce), Roasted Peking Duck served with Pancakes (12 pieces), Hoi Sin Sauce and Condiments, Egg Noodles with Chicken Vegetables and Mushrooms in Soya Sauce and I had also a dessert - Litchi with lemon sorbet, YUMMY!..


(photos taken with mobile)