american food.

This weekend we decide to cook some (anglo)american food, so I baked homemade hamburger buns (we filled it with beef, english mature chedar cheese, ketchup, tomatoes and iceberg lettuce) and I also baked the brownies (Maple syrup glazed pistachio brownies according to the M&S Easy baking cook book, I've already written about it before) and V. made for me oolong ice tea, yummy :)!

So now I can bake bread, baguettes and also buns, yipee! :))

(we also tried to put some of the brownie dough into the ramekin and add some fresh strawberries... didn't the result look delicious? ;))

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  1. polkla jsem na sucho..
    tohle je snad nejlepší jídelácký post, cos tu měla! brownies miluju a domácí hamburgery jsou můj sen..=D


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