time of baking.

I think the autumn (btw my favourite season) is made for baking! I really need some warm crunchy (nuts) or fruity (there's so many different apples and pears and I really love the smell of it, actually the first thing I do, when I buy an apple, is that I smell it!) "sweets" and good tea or coffee in this unkind weather! And thanks God I've brought an excellent cook book about english goodies by M&S -
"easy baking". And it is really easy! I'm also quite impressed, how british people use so many different kinds of nuts and lots of my loved chocolate for the baking :). This time I made from this cook book cookies with white chocolate and they were really tasty! So I have a plan try to bake most of those goodies and desserts, f.e. this weekend I'm going to make apple upside-down cake and also some brownies next week :)! Wish me luck!

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thanks a lot for your time and lovely words, I really appreciate it ♥