Our weekend was full of food and culture :)! We were at the cinema and theatre and at home we watched The Weeds serie (hate the addiction on series :D).. Yesterday we were making SUSHI (some vegetarian with cucumber and some with smoked fish) and GIMBAP - korean sushi (with cucumber, ham and egg omelette) - for the first time :)! It was quite fun and also tasty, but I'm not sure about the taste of nori because of its fishy odour..
And as a desert we had some korean fruit looks like half apple half pear (the right one on the pic).. I don't remember how it names, but i have to find out, because the taste of it was
a little bit weird, but cool :)) and I want to try it again..
So look and tell me, what do you think ... .)
And how was your weekend .)?

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new things for my fler.cz shop.

I've created a new rubber stamps for my fler.cz shop (something like etsy, but for Czechs and Slovaks) - one with squared panda and one with the title "hand made by PANDY." (PANDY. is my nickname on this webside), so I had to use it also for some creating :)... I made some new paper things - stationery set with colour envelopes and a a set of envelopes with hand painted funny pandas.. and some textile things - a tote bag and a maxi t-shirt with a little panda.. here it is :)..


first moleskine drawings.

I was drawing all evening and here it is, my first pics in my moleskine :)... I just love it!
I know I'm not the first one with the concept "What I was wearing today.." but still,
I wanted to try it too :) and I think I was doing quite well, some people told me, that she really looks like me, so I think I'll continue with this concept :)! (yeah, the right one is much much better, that black marker sucks, B pencils rocks! .))

Sweet dreams you all!



and here it is .)! x-mas presents!
..that floral patter from the last post is this lovely comfortable Ann Christine hoodie..

..this adorable mug by NICI I got from my neighbor Pája..

..warm slippers from my grandma..

..cute old book about cafts (the title means something like "University of girls' handicraft") and winter infusion tea by M&S in this lovely package from Zdeňka..

..dark blue jumper (H&M) with floral lack from my mum..

All Photos Copyright ©2010 Denisa Tkacikova. All rights reserved.

..and lots of other cute things, which I haven't taken photos of them yet.. (e.g. books by Sarah Watters and Kazuo Ishiguro and cute orange octopus baby toy from V. ♥)



hooray! today I've finally pass my last exam of The Old Church Slavonic and now I have almost one month of vacations! what a nice feeling :)..
..so, what will I do with so much free time .))? I really look forward to draw to my moleskine, I already have some ideas.. then I'm going to meet some of my friends, which I missed out because of school.. I hope I also take same photos, finally with some people (girls) too (because I'm starting to be sick of the stil-lives).. maybe we'll buy a new camera with my boyfriend.. we were thinking about Mamiya RB67, so maybe.. .)?! and I definitely have to read, because my room is getting smaller and smaller under those "flood" of the books .).. and yeah, I'll also enjoy blogging and surfing on the others blogs :)!

but now I'm quite exhausted, I got up at 5 a.m. because of that exam, I'm drinking cocoa, trying to write this post and scan the film roll with x-mas photo besides.. so maybe I finally show U, what I've found under the christmas tree .)!
..here's a first pic of one of the presents I've got, gues what it is .)!..

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go to bed,.. GOOD NIGHT you all :)!



..out first cupcakes ever..
..they're chocolate and the glazing is a praline buttercream..
..maybe they don't look very well, but they WERE (haha) soooo tasty!..
..so,what do you mean about them :D?..

..and sorry for no more posts.. I have to study a lot at this time and it's sooo annoying.. now I'm sitting here above the Old Church Slavonic.. sounds "nice", hm?! (wish me luck for this exam, which is on Wednesday.. and I still know nothing about it :D!)
..but there's also a couple of nice things - yesterday arrived my new musg and bowls with deers (they're really lovely!) and tomorrow should arrive moleskine notebooks, yipee!..

Have a nice evening,


just WOW!

I'm totally impressed with this beautiful breathtaking paintings! That C R U E L N E S S inside it!!! And PURITY! Just, a BIG WOW..
This girl, Kwon Kyung Yup, is seriously genius for me!
..but no more words, just look!..

(c) Kwon Kyung Yup (권경엽)
Bleached Memory1
162.2X227.3cm oil on canvas, 2009

even one note - I foud this genius korean painter on this pretty webside full of interesting illustrators.. there's really lots of inspiration, maybe also U can catch there an idea for something big or just discovery some interesting people/styles/etc. and favour them .)..


squared panda.

..just a sketch from Friday evening, between boring study of latin..
.. just love it .) ..
..and look forward to moleskine sketchbook so much, this little office papers sucks..

Copyright ©2010 Denisa Tkacikova. All rights reserved.


lazy day..

..yesterday I made my oral exam of Che zech Lexikology.. then I went to my boyfrined's place, but I was so tired, that I slept almost all afternoon.. and today, when I should start to prepaire for my latin test? I still have some sore throat and sooo lazy, I haven't even look at it.. but for the other side, I practised my english, haha.. by watching a beautiful movie La Belle Personne in french but with the english subtitles, because czech subtitles for this movie doesn't even exist :D.. I think my love for chamber romantic french films from the The Sleapers' era is back .)! Love those beautiful people, envolving of their characters, interesting web of their relations, that specific colours, which I can't named ..and of course that lovely french language! I really recomment you this movie!.. here's one screenshot I made at least.. but watch it all ;)!

..and there's another lovely thing of today! in the morning I got an envelope with these beauties :)! they're pincushions made by one skilfull lady from fler.cz :).. aren't they too pretty for the needles? so I desided to use the blue one as the pincushion and the second one as a decoration .) ... hope you like it as much as I do .)!


woohooo, moleskine is comming!

..I just finally ordered two pretty moleskine notebooks... actually one of them is a sketchbook.. yeah, Dennie will draw with her favourite 6 and 8 B pencils and cool black liners :D..
..so excited about it :)!!!..

..here is an example, what I want to draw with my black pens.. those pics I drew few weeks ago and take a photo of it with V.'s Pentax..
(I know, that notebooks would have deserved more majestic, f.e. ink, pens.. but whatever :D)

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my december.

..this month was all in the x-mas atmosphere of couse .) ...

..it started with a christmas market at out village.. there were lots of lovely and tasty things .)) and I buy there this cute little panda sharpener..

..then, of course, baking was the most important thing to do this month :)!.. here are photos of baking with Zdeňka, which I've wtitten before about.. and also that great taste vietnamese coffee!..

..I got lovely panda DIY bag from my schoolmate Venda..

..my boyfriend heavily fell in love with the MOMOFUKU cook books, so we had lots of asian food this month.. (I'll post more photos and info about that food later)

.. but he also cooked for me a french cusine such as this dish - Chicken with Port wine and mushrooms by Julia Child..

..I create things as every month .))!..

..this is my gradparents' x-mas tree .)).. more phoos of x-mas also later, the roll of film with them is still in my camera..

..and finally - the New Years Eve!.. this years food theme was "home-madefast food"! so here is our delicious cheeseburger consists of breadroll with pork-beef patty, chedar, little gem, cherry tomatoes and Heinz ketchup, V. had there also jalapenos and tabasco.. yeah, he really likes spicy food.. and I made homemade french fries too! and what we drink durink the evening? Jack Daniels with Coca Cola.. yum .)!..

Copyright ©2010 Denisa Tkacikova. All rights reserved.

I hope you all had lovely December full of baking and x-mas atmosphere too and properly celebrated the New Years Eve :)!
So I wish you all happy and succesfull year 2011 and want to thank our for reading and watching my blog! Every comment makes me so happy :)!

...And, please, come to see my blog also in the new year .)...

Your Dennie .)