4 years.

Hard to believe, but we are together more than 4 years ! We had our 4th anniversary on Friday... I got lovely presents - new cute green digital camera (photos later) and a beautiful red rose ♥! And I gave V. some books by A. Solzhenitzyn and one about disasters at coal mines (he is interested about this things) and some special card, which U probably can't understand .)) (we call each other by the names of that animals on the pic)..
U must think: "Solzhenitzyn, mine disasters and throttling, there's no romantic at all!"... but we are strange cuple :D.. so, believe me, it is REALLY romantic and full of love for us ;)...

And we celebrated by delicious food, as usual :)! On Friday we had pizza at the restaurant and in the evening we made delicious vietnamese spring rolls at home (rice paper, pork meat, little gem lettuce, chilli peppers, cucumber, fresh coriander, soybean sprouts, ginger + sauce from anchovy sauce, water, garlic and chilli peppers).

On Saturday we spent all day with french food. We cooked onion soup, pullé o'porto, homemade french baguettes and crepes with Grand Marniere ♥ .. and in the evening we went to the theatre for the play call "Komunismus" ("Communism") .. it was quite depressive, but cool.

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  1. no.. to já se budu inspirovat, až budeme s milým v září slavit roky 3=)
    kde hrají Komunismus? vlastně si můžu kliknout na odkaz, tak nic..=D


thanks a lot for your time and lovely words, I really appreciate it ♥