creative day.

..today I was creating things all day! I call these days "my days".. It means, that I have all day for myself and things, which I really like to do.. and U know, one of my favourite things to do is (besides reading, watchich pics and movies and baking) creating things .)! today I was painting! no canvas, but wooden "bricks", which my grandpa made for me ! I used acrylic paints and made two cute pendants and two clothes-pegs with pandas and a small gift for my boyfriend - a pendant with cthulhu - the "cute" green monster created by H. P. Lovecraft.. this one is really cute, because it's a baby cthulhu :).. we fell in love with that little cute and evil creature .).. and yeah, he loves this pendant .).. so my next creative plan is to make a plushy baby cthulhu!

..čeští milovníci pandiček mají možnost si tyhle miloučké věcičky koupit v mém flérovém obchodu :)..

love it! .))

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  1. ah, ty jsou tak rozkosne! a ta chobotnicka.. kolicky I ♥ panda ovsem vedou na plne care.. :)

  2. kdybys měla vážný zájem, dej vědět ;))

  3. These are adorable! DIY are always the best :)


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