..was a wonderful day ♥!
I was doing all the things and activities I love :)... I was having a breakfast with my bf ♥, I was taking some photos from one place I wanted to photographed for a long time, I was listening to a quite cool lecture by one cool docent from our university, having a delicious lunch at my favourite korean restaurant and tasty black Brazilian coffee at the "Literary café", reading great novel by one young czech author, browsing some beautiful photos and now I'm having a a cup of tea and I'm drawing... ♥
..and sun was shining whole day! yay, what a great day ♥!..
I wish to have more days like this one this year!

here is a photo (taken with mobile) of my delicious korean lunch
- korean noodles with chicken and kimchi ♥

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thanks a lot for your time and lovely words, I really appreciate it ♥