postcards II.

 Franklin, from Canada

 Mouse and Kitty, from Germany

 pic of Cyprus, from Russia 

 Polar bear and Ladybugs, both from Germany

...and this, this is something SPECIAL! I so love it :)!!! This two cute buddies are from Belarus and the bear say to the panda: "This is h-o-n-e-y, yum-yum, you you understand?" Ahaha, so funny, love their faces :)!...

...and here are some which I sent to the world ;)...

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  1. This is h-o-n-e-y, yum-yum... bože, v angličtině to zní ještě srandovnější, než v češtině :D

    1. :D ale nejlepší je to stejně v té ruštině :)


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