Vienna (I.)

last Friday we went to the trip to VIENNA, 
it was sooo hot, but still, what a beautiful city :) 
the main purpose for this trip was to see real PANDAS! (at Schönbrunn ZOO)
you know how much I love them... o:) so I actually really see them! 
they are smaller then I thougt, but otherwise they are typical pandas :)) - they eat, sleep and poop :)), LOVE them! 
the second purpose was FOOD! we visited Cafe Sacher and Plachuttas
Gasthouse zur Opern and it was all sooo delicious, I drunk the best coffee of my life! but about that famous Sachertorte... do you know what? I bake better one ;))!
so here are some photos from my small digi green camera, more analogue photos later.. ;)

 we at the train in the morning :)

Cafe Sacher!



at Plachutta's

our tired legs, waiting for the train home (Lorpen - best socks ever! I highly recommend it!)

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thanks a lot for your time and lovely words, I really appreciate it ♥