zagroda zubrów I.

...one magic place in Poland, Zagroda Zubrów, Pszczyna...

they are also other animals instead of european bisons (=zubry), I saw there elks for the first time in my life, they are so cute and funny (that ungaitly gait of them!), there are also fallow-deers, deers, goats, different birds etc
Thanks, Mi., letting us know about this lovely place!
august 2012 / pentax me super + helios 58/2 and mju II
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3 komentáře:

  1. absolutně báječné fotky!

  2. ucineny raj..tedy..nebyt te ohrady. (?).. bizoni a losi, a co to vidim, nebo nevidim? asi spis nevidim, mela jsem dojem ze muj vysneny losi albin. prelud


thanks a lot for your time and lovely words, I really appreciate it ♥