summer prague. vol.4.

vol.4 - absolutely delicious food at La Gare (I wrote about it here too), this time V. had "Terrine de lièvre a l’Armagnac et cornichons au gingembre" and "Morceaux d´agneau au four et ses légumes du jardin", I had "Tranches de boeuf braisé aux champignons de saison" with a seasonal sidedishes and a homemade youghurt-cherries icecream as a dessert, jummy! + I bought home their homemade rhubarb-apple jam, mmm!

+ breakfast at PAUL...

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  1. wow i absolutely adore the photos in this post, this rarely happens with me when it comes to food pictures. but yours are good!

    1. thank you very much :) I just love to shoot food ;))


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