eating during the studying.

... you should start a day with the rich and healthy breakfast, so eat f.e. cereals with some of your favourite fruit or make for yourself a delicious rice poridge :)...

...for the lunch U need something quickly, so I suggest my favourite meal - koren style pancake (with peppers and chicken) with kimchi (apparently the healthiest meal on the planet Earth, haha :)) and sooo delicious!) and soy-sesame oil-sauce or some pasta, I ate pasta with the bolognese sauce, which I only unfreeze it (V. made it for me few weeks ago) or some meet with vegetable - f.e. roastbeef with cooked potatoes and brocolli (tell you mum to cook it your you ;))...

...and for dinner you could prepare italian risotto with muschrooms and Parmesane cheese or really healthy white egg omelete with rucola (here is my omelete made form 2 egg whites and 1 whole egg + rucola from my garden)...

...and because you're nervous, I know U need loads of suggar between those meals, so again, tell your mum - to bake for you some delicious cake ;))... 
...and of course, U need hectoliters of strong coffee during the days, haha .)...

digi (the first one) and pentax me super + helios 58/2

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  1. mňám, to vyzerá božsky ! všetky !

  2. to nemyslíš vážne toto! ach bože môj hlad

  3. Krása a smekám před kreativitou a ještě navíc před státnicema, když se učím já, tak většinou nejím :-).

  4. Now I'm hungry and in the very mood to cook!


thanks a lot for your time and lovely words, I really appreciate it ♥